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My custom powerhouse Ableton Drum Rack preset. It completely replaces the need to use RC-20 Retro Color and Cable Guys Shaper Box. It uses stock Ableton Live plugins. 


Please read the description as I will explain exactly how to load it and set it up! 


This is an all-encompassing drum rack preset. It is not an audio effect rack! It has 14 macro knobs that control the following:

1. Low Pass Filter

2. High Pass Filter

3. Drive

4. Compression

5. Vinyl FX

6. Saturation

7. Bit Crusher

8. Modulation/Chorus

9. Gate

10. Reverb

11. Delay

12. Hi Hat Groove LFO Depth (adds automatic velocity to your hi hats)

13. Hi Hat Groove Rhythm Knob (switches the rhythms)

14. Global Tuning


I cannot legally give you the samples that I have loaded in mine, as they are from Splice. All you need to do is drag and drop the LM Drum Rack file into Ableton, ignore the missing files message, and hot swap your own samples in. Once you are done loading your kit,  hit the save button or drag it into your user library. 


I would recommend using the same drum layout the way that I labelled it! It works well for playability on the keyboard, and will ensure that my Hi Hat rhythm knobs work correctly. 


About the LFO Depth and LFO Riddim knobs:

These are a really cool idea that I came up with when using Cable Guys Shaper Box and also programming lots of Hi Hat patterns. I created an LFO that modulates the volume and decay of the hi hats to make them sound more like a live drummer when you program drums.


This Drum Rack uses more cpu than usual because it is replete with effects. I would recommend only using one instance per session.


Let me know how it goes!









Epic Ableton Drum Rack

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