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Introducing our MIDI chord pack, designed to help music producers and songwriters create chord progressions quickly and easily.


My pack includes MIDI chords in every inversion and key signature, each played by a real person without any quantization or drawn-in notes. This ensures an authentic sound, leaving plenty of room for writing lyrics.


Whether you're short on time, don't have a MIDI keyboard, or need new chord ideas, our pack is perfect for you. Say goodbye to fake-sounding chords created from drawn-in notes, MIDI effects, or audio loops.


Download our MIDI chord pack today and experience a new level of efficiency and creativity in your music production!


INSTRUCTIONS: To load it into Ableton, first make sure you download the pack and move it somewhere on your hard drive with your other samples/midi packs. Then in Ableton on the bottom left corner, click add folder and find the LM MIDI Pack folder! 

MIDI Piano Chords for Songwriters & Producers MIDI PACK

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