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Looking for a sample pack that will add a touch of funk and soul to your music? Look no further than Tasty Guitar, created by guitarist Lucas Messore. These loops are funky and groovy, with more space than traditional pop categories, making them perfect for adding some flavor to your tracks. Includes 39 loops!


Featuring R&B and jazz elements like 7th chords and neo soul licks, Tasty Guitar is inspired by iconic tracks such as Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars, It Runs Through Me by Tom Misch, and Ride Wit Me by Nelly. The combination of funky guitar riffs, soulful chord progressions, and intricate melodies creates a truly captivating sound that is sure to impress.


Whether you're producing R&B, jazz, or even hip hop, Tasty Guitar has everything you need to create something truly special. These loops are designed to inspire you and bring out your creativity, making it easy to create unique and unforgettable music. So why wait? Download Tasty Guitar today and start making music that will leave your audience wanting more.

PIFF RIFFS - Tasty Guitar Vol. 1