Flat Rate - editing, mixing & mastering

Remote work, includes revisions. 

Hourly Rate - recording, editing, mixing & mastering

One-time and in-person sessions. 

Music - intro/outro song

Includes various options, mixing, and flexible licensing options. 

Music Production

Flat Rate - complete production

Includes writing, recording, mixing, stems & revisions. Must sign split sheet and contract prior to release.  

Recording & Mixing

Hourly - commercial studio

Client books studio time. Best for serious projects and major label artists. 

Hourly - pre-production

At my home studio in Los Angeles. Best for songwriting and demo recording.  

Flat Rate - mixing

Remote mixing. Includes revisions and a demo master. 


Flat Rate - mastering

Remote mastering. Includes revisions. 

Session Guitar

Hourly - studio guitar

In person guitar writing and recording. 

Flat Rate - studio guitar

Remote guitar writing and recording. 

Live Guitar

Local Shows - local bar or club

Live show around Los Angeles. 

Touring - tours, festivals, stadiums

Touring rate for larger music venues.

Hourly Rate - rehearsal

Rehearsal space booked by the client. 


Guitar - in person or zoom

1 hour guitar lesson. 

Production/mixing - in person or zoom

1 hour production/mixing lesson.